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Real life has no expiration date Item Name:
Real life has no expiration date
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TOC: 199 Pages In 12 Chapters Blurb: Oh, No! You really did it this time. You flopped. Frizzled. Fell flat on your face. It happens. The unfortunate truth is that failure is a part of life. A stinky, squirmy, uncomfortable part - but a vital part nonetheless. The good news is this: No matter how hard you fall, or how many times, real life has no expiration date. That is, no failure is ever final, even if it feels like the end of the world right now. You can start over. Maybe not at the same job - that unflattering caricature of your boss (drawn in your unmistakable scrawl) did wind up on the bulletin board next to his office. But another job - one a little more challenging, if you're lucky. You will date again. Maybe not the same person on whom you dumped that large pizza with extra cheese. Someone with a better sense of humor, perhaps. You are never all alone. God loves you and will forgive you. Even if you've made the same stupid mistake a million times before, each time promising yourself that you'd never do it again. If you ask him, he'll take you back. The Bible says he will. "Cause he knows we're going to make mistakes - but he never does. Real Life. . .is your guide to getting back on track. Whether your problem is a social faux pas or a sinful habit you can't seem to break, Bruce and Stan will give you advice that makes sense without being overly preachy. So dust yourself off, grab a glass of chocolate milk, and settle in for a read that just might change your life. But remember to check out the date on the milk carton first.
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