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Handle with Prayer Item Name:
Handle with Prayer
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TOC: 1. Unveiling The Hidden 2. Playing With Authority 3. Praying And Fasting 4. A Prayer Burden 5. Answered Prayer 6. Why Our Prayers Are Unanswered 7. How To Pray In The Will Of God 8. A Time To Wait, A Time To Act 9. Praying For Others 10. Prayer Is Where The Action Is 11. The Warfare Of Prayer 109 Pages Blurb: Why do Christians so often fail to open the gift of prayer that God has given them? Would you sometimes rather worry than pray? Do you try to solve your problems first, then ask God if you don't succeed? Is it that you really don't expect God to answer, or that you might not like the answer that He gives? Or have you become discouraged with your own inconsistency in the discipline of prayer, and given up? Dr. Charles Stanley, in this best-selling classic, urges you to experience anew your lifeline communication with God. Discover: How to pray with the assurance that God will answer Why prayer is the weapon Satan fears most Why it seems your prayers sometimes are not answered How praying and waiting go hand in hand How to pray more effectively for others
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