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Grace the Power to change Item Name:
Grace the Power to change
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TOC: 1. The Power to Change 2. Grace--God's Ability 3. The Grace of Jesus 4. Where Sin Abounds 5. In My Weakness 6. Grace for Sin 7. The Manifold Grace of God 8. Grace in the Heart 9. Grace through Righteousness 10. The Breastplate of Righteousness 11. The Doorway to the Heart 12. Coming Out of the Grave 13. The Time of Need 14. Freed from Sin 15. Frustrating the Grace of God 16. Conquering Temptation 17. Grace to Change 18. Touching the Heart 19. Grace Completed 20. Effortless Change 21. The Truth about God Bibliography About the Author About Impact Ministries Blurb: Christians everywhere have been missing the truth about grace--and the result is defeat and frustration. In this life-changing book, Dr. James Richards unfolds the mystery of grace, which is God's ability working in you to do what you cannot. It is the power to change. Take to heart the principles in this book, and discover the dimension of Christian living that Jesus called "easy and light." Relax and let the grace of God change your heart! This is a must-read for every believer!
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